Corporate ID’s

Full corporatee package – website, logo, business card, brochure & letterhead
Corporate – logo, business card, letterhead & website
Medium – logo, business card & website
Start – up – logo & business card

Business Card Designs

Your style, quality and class is what makes you unique, it’s what makes us strive to give you close to perfection hence your clientele chose you. Let us design a business card that best defines you…

Logo Designs

Our logo designs are magnificent, we take our time to produce a design that will best suit your business standard and class, it is only just and significant that we give you a design that will stand out.

Poster Designs

We design a masterpiece for you, our posters are so remarkable both in electronic and print format. We only provide you with quality designs that will leave you in awe…we also offer the following designs; brochures, invitation cards, flyers, banners, letterheads, card imprints, book covers, portraits, restaurant menus, info graphic design.

Web Designing and E-Commerce

Let us put your business on the map and design a website that will bring no doubt to your professionalism because we care about class, quality and significance!

IT Support Services

We are competent in the following areas but not limited to:

Windows installation and configuring, e-mail configuring and migrating, software and hardware installation, upgrade and troubleshooting, software and hardware repairs, building a desktop of your own requirements and specifications, printer installation, configuring, servicing and troubleshooting, recovery of lost/corrupt data on usb, hardrives and external hardrives, services are done remotely and/or on-site..